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Welcome to My Newborn Health Blog!

Hi! I'm so glad you could join me and read my blog! I'm Aishu, and I'm a sophomore in high school. I live in Massachusetts. I'm passionate about the field of healthcare, and I aspire to combat health disparities in rural areas. I created this blog to raise awareness about unequal access to newborn healthcare and how you can take action to help.

Blog Goals

The World Health Organization released a shocking statistic that nearly half the world (3.5 billion people) does not have access to the health services they need. The World Bank and WHO also reported that over 400 million people lack access to basic health care necessities.

Those numbers might seem surprising since you might believe that everyone around you has access to everything they need. However, people in rural areas make up a large portion of that statistic.

In this blog, I plan to dive deep on a specific health-related cause that matters to me: the health of newborn babies. Having experienced being a newly-born child in a rural area without access to proper healthcare, I strive to ensure that other babies do not have to experience what I did. I hope that I can raise awareness about the importance of newborn healthcare procedures such as newborn screenings.

By reading and sharing this blog, we can inform the public about these inequalities and start fundraisers to promote and administer these health procedures in rural areas.

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Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope that you will continue along this journey with me to campaign for improvement in newborn health in rural areas!

Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to talk about any experiences you've had or health-related causes you're passionate about. In addition, please share my blog with your friends and family to raise awareness and help promote our cause.

I also encourage that you all to subscribe to my blog to receive notifications whenever I release new content.

Signing off for today. Don't forget to share and subscribe!


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